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Tron Legacy director Joe Kosinski has landed yet another massive science fiction epic: the Ridley Scott-produced film Archangels. The film follows an elite alien-tracking team. Let's just hope there aren't any talking pugs.


Heat Vision broke the news on Kosinsk's next project describing it like this:

The script is set in the near future and is described as a "Bourne"-style thriller crossed with alien elements. The protagonist is part of an elite force that is tasked with tracking aliens who get past Earth's defense system.


Sounds like Men In Black Begins to us, but if also sounds like a lot of fun. I'm down for some more alien throat punching Bourne-style. But we may have a long time to wait. Kosinski still has to remake Disney's Black Hole, plus he has another science fiction film on the front burner titled Oblivion. In fact, THR also revealed that the director will be teasing the graphic novel for Oblivion at Comic Con. Which could mean that this will actually be his very next project.

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