Tron Gets Funky, A Scrubs Star Fights To Stop Aliens Eating L.A., and Ally McBeal's Ex Enslaves Clark Kent's Mind

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Tron Legacy will be freakier than the original, but the new Teen Wolf may be less outrageous. Find out how aliens will sink your Battleship and eat L.A. There are new Last Airbender/Crazies ads. Plus V Caprica , Smallville and Lost.


Tron Legacy:

We already knew that Michael Sheen plays the owner of a cyber-nightclub. Now he spills a few more details: "I am the host of the nightclub and a showman, this sort of very over-the-top character." And he adds that original Tron director Steve Lisberger has a cameo in the nightclub scenes. And the nightclub is an actual set, not digitally rendered. But he won't confirm what everyone suspects: That Daft Punk will perform/DJ in the nightclub scenes. [Sci Fi Wire]


The Last Airbender:

Here's another TV spot, which looks pretty similar to the one during the Olympic ceremonies:


Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner says this movie doesn't start out with a war against the aliens. The extraterrestrial visitors don't start out intending us harm, but then it presumably does turn into a conflict somehow. [MTV]


This film from Colin and Greg Strause, the directors of Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem, has cast its leads: Eric Balfour and Donald Faison (Scrubs). Also starring: Scottie Thompson and Brittany Daniel. And there's a new plot synopsis: The film takes place in a Los Angeles high-rise where a few survivors cope with a mysterious other-worldly attack. Faison plays an entrepreneur who lures his old friend (Balfour) to the West Coast. They go out and party all night, and then they wake up to find that a mysterious force is swallowing up the human race off the face of the Earth. We'll avoid being snarky about the fact that the article avoids mentioning AVP:R at all. [The Hollywood Reporter]


Teen Wolf:

Actor Crystal Reed explains how this remake will be different than the original:

The script is not at all like the original. It's not a remake, they're just simply using the names, the locations are the same and instead of basketball, he plays lacrosse. There are going to be some really interesting twists and turns. The writing is amazing and the special effects are brilliant. The other thing that's cool is he's not in a full werewolf costume... [When he turns into a wolf], he looks really human, because he's a young werewolf, so the things that are changing are his eye color. His ears are going to be a bit pointier and the hair on his hands is going to go up to about here. [Points to her elbows] Obviously, his muscles are going to grow. Progressively as he gets older as a werewolf, he'll become more wolf-like. The very first time he turns, it's actually pretty scary.



The Crazies:

Director Breck Eisner explains how this film is different from George Romero's original:

It's very different, absolutely. For me - I know people throw around the words re-interpretation, remake - it is a re-interpretation of his movie. Definitely acknowledged to be different from the inception. That being said, I tried to stay true to the core of the original.... I wanted, first, to make this a horror-thriller. Dynamic and scary, intense and frightening. But I also wanted to make sure the message in the movie wasn't lost and in the post-9/11 world is reflected, just as the original was a reflection of post-Vietnam.


And he says he had the script rewritten to remove the military completely, so as to focus entirely on the townspeople's perspective. [ShockTillYouDrop]

Here are a few TV spots I don't think we've shown you for this George Romero sorta-not-zombie-centric remake:

Toy Story 3:

Yet another character poster, this time for the dinosaur toy. [CinemaBlend]


Here are a couple of new posters featuring Morena Baccarin and Elizabeth Mitchell looking intense and photoshopped. [SpoilerTV]



Here's a sneak peek from Friday's new episode, "There Is Another Sky":
Click to view



A new promo for the next episode, premiering next week. [SpoilerTV]

And here's a short description for episode 3x10:

Chuck and Sarah must break Casey out of jail and clear his name after he inadvertently commits treason; Ellie gets her dream fellowship.




Gil Bellows (Billy from Ally McBeal) will play Max Lord, the skeevy businessman — who took control over Clark's mind in the comics until Wonder Woman killed him — in episode 9x19, "Charade." And the role is intended to be a recurring one — which sounds like more evidence this show might get a tenth season. [IGN]


Here are some images from episode 9x15, "Conspiracy," in which Zod gets shot. [KryptonSite]


It sounds like there are three episodes in a row where Ben does not appear, judging from this Michael Emerson interview. And he says, in three or four weeks' time, "people will think differently about Ben." [GQ]


Claire may not stay crazy, says Emilie de Ravin:

The evolution this season for her character is sort of coming back to who Claire was. You know, she's still there, underneath it all, even though she's pretty damn loopy. There's still flickers of who Claire is and was, and maybe will be again. Or not.



A source claims to have seen a call-sheet for a scene in episode 6x15 featuring Jacob, the Man In Black, and "Mother." Also the show is building a new small outdoor set that appears to be a submarine cabin, and it's possible they're building it outside so they can flood it with water. And the Temple set is being taken down. In related news, a submarine captain (or more likely, an actor playing one) is on set right now. [SpoilersLost]


Hurley won't turn dark, although there may be a flash of that, says Jorge Garcia. We'll learn what the island is midway through the season, via Jacob and Richard Alpert. And the answer to what the island is, is a four-letter word with no "A" or "E" in it. And it's important to the outside world that the island continues to exist, and somebody must protect it. [E! Online]

Additional reporting by Josh C. Snyder.


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Oh dear. The four letter word with no "A" or "E" in it is going to be "HOLY", isn't it?