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TRON Evolution: Conquer the Grid Accompanied by Daft Punk

When the original Tron hit theaters in 1982, the idea of a fully immersive video game still seemed like the stuff of sci-fi fantasy. Flash forward to today's game release of Tron: Evolution and suddenly the future is upon us in full french electro glory.

Tron: Evolution is meant to act as a segue between the original film and the highly anticipated Tron: Legacy. Players race at break-neck speeds in exhilarating light cycle chases, fight their way through the main-frame, a staggeringly complex digital world—using moves based on Parkour, Capoeira and martial arts, and deftly navigate between a single player story and massive multi-person battles. Cyberspace sure has come a long way since those goofy neon jumpsuits and that candy-colored grid.


Tron: Evolution is in stores today. Click here to enter the grid.

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