Tron And Depeche Mode: A Match Made In User Heaven

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Now this is the perfect combination: Depche Mode and Tron. This delightful little mash-up shames the rest of the sad Youtubers. Well done, internet.


Most fan-made mashups are infinitely forgettable. The internet is full of pitiful tributes to Buffy and Spike, with a terrible pop song poured across minutes of sad looks and "knowing glances." But then someone pairs up Depeche Mode's "Suffer Well" with Tron footage, in such a lovely manner that it's hard not to wish that this was indeed the music video from my favorite new-wave neon gods. And suddenly, all's right with the world.


Via Bre Pettis.

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There's going to be three crowds of people that go see Tron's sequel: Those who saw the first one in the theater or on TV and are interested in spite of themselves, those who never actually saw Tron but are interested because, let's be honest, it's got glowing motorcycle-things in it, and then there's the twelve year-old crowd that's going to go, "Hey, why are they making a movie based on that awful video game from a few years ago? And oh, hey, look, it's that one old guy from Iron Man!" And then sneak into an R-rated movie five minutes after the lights go down.