Welcome Garrett Hedlund as the new star of Disney's Tron 2.0, sequel to the 1982 light-cycle flick. While I can't say much for his acting chops, he's certainly giving Tron Guy some much-needed competition.


I don't know much about Garrett Hedlund, other than he played a poorly pieced-together young virgin in Georgia Rule, and the exceedingly annoying emo warrior Murtagh in Eragon. But I can say this: the boy will look good in a unitard.

This should be a make-or-break role for Hedlund, seeing as he'll have to go face to face with alumni light cyclers Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner.

Hedlund plays a young man trapped in a computer yet again. He's forced to retrace the steps of the original Kevin Flynn (Bridges) who will be returning as the CEO of a software corporation.

Welcome to the games. But if you want to compete with Bridges, I suggest you grow a beard. (No, I'm never going to stop talking about the beard, ever).


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