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Trippy Beyond the Black Rainbow trailer pits an imprisoned girl against her deranged therapist

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This strangely hypnotic trailer for Panos Cosmatos' indie science fiction film Beyond the Black Rainbow looks like it traveled here in a time capsule from 1983. It's appropriate that that's when the movie's set, in an institution where a young girl must escape from the therapist who's experimenting on her.


Beyond the Black Rainbow has been on the film festival circuit since 2010, but now that it has a distributor, we'll hopefully get a chance to see it in theaters soon. Here's the description from Wikipedia:

Deep within the mysterious Arboria Institute, a disturbed and beautiful girl (Eva Allan) is held captive by a doctor in search of inner peace. Her mind controlled by a sinister technology. Silently, she waits for her next session with deranged therapist Dr. Barry Nyle (Michael Rogers). If she hopes to escape, she must journey through the darkest reaches of The Institute... but Nyle wonʼt easily part with his most gifted and dangerous creation.


With all the dreamlike imagery and Cube-esque moments, it looks like this could be great late-night movie fare. Maybe this will redeem the girl-stuck-in-asylum idea that Sucker Punch so artfully butchered.

[via First Showing]

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I rarely, RARELY ever hate a movie to the extent that I hate "Beyond the Black Rainbow". I can't believe I sat through the entire thing. I want the time back. Visually it looks interesting, but that is the extent to which it is interesting. The movie is nothing more then what you see in the trailer except held for 100x longer... it's not worth it. REALLY.