Trini Is Joining Hasbro's Morphinominal Range of Power Rangers Figures

Trini takes to the field!
Trini takes to the field!
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The Lightning Collection—Hasbro’s mighty morphin’ take on its six-inch Star Wars Black Series or Marvel Legends lines, but for people in brightly colored Spandex—has so far given us Rangers from across decades of Power Rangers action, from original favorites, to comic book callouts, to latest members of the morphin’ grid on Beast Morphers. But now another OG hero is entering the field.


Most of the fourth wave of The Lightning Collection has already been revealed, but io9 has an exclusive look at the fourth and final figure in the latest series: Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers’ first Yellow Ranger, Trini Kwan.

Played by the late Thuy Trang in the first two seasons of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Trini ultimately departed alongside the original Red and Black Rangers, Jason and Zack, to attend a peace conference in Berlin—a recasting decision necessitated by the fact that Trang and her fellow actors actually quit over contract and pay disputes. Although Trini’s time as the Yellow Ranger was at an end, her story (along with Jason and Zack’s) has continued in Boom Studio’s excellent Power Rangers comic series, where they fight as a team of intergalactic Rangers in secret, while their old friends and their replacements on the Mighty Morphin’ team continue to safeguard Earth.

The Lightning Collection Yellow Ranger, scaled in line with the rest of the six-inch figures in the series, comes with both an unmasked head depicting Trang’s likeness as she appeared in the show, and a helmeted head for when she morphs into combat as the Sabertooth-themed Yellow Ranger. As well as her dual daggers and her blade blaster, Trini comes with alternate hands to pose her mid-martial arts move, as well as small FX pieces to attach to her weapons.


She joins three more Power Rangers heroes and villains joining The Lightning CollectionSPD Red Ranger Jack, Zeo Blue Ranger Rocky, and Beast Morphers villain Blaze—when wave four hits shelves for $20 apiece this fall. You can preorder the complete wave directly from Hasbro’s Pulse shopping site here.

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Ahem, not an exclusive. Several sites and FB pages had these images up last night. Just saying.

That said, I’ll be getting her as I’m going to go for all the classic Rangers. I have White Tommy, Drakkon, the Green Tommy/Putty set and Dragon Shield Zack. Gonna have to go track down Jason and Kim.

I’ll be super excited if they made the Ninjetti Rangers, because if they did that we could get the Stone Canyon trio heads that we could then put on Red/Black/Yellow (and would likely necessitate doubling up on those figures. Then Zeo (so we’d get a Katherine and Tanya), maybe not so much Turbo, but certainly Space, Lightspeed Rescue and Time Force.

Question though, if they did a Turbo Blue, how would they do that? Would they include a kid Justin head to put on an adult Blue body? I’d think it’d have to be a special set that has helmet-less kid size Justin and adult body Blue full suit.