Of all the casting stories we've read relating to the new Star Trek movie, none have had a headline as attention grabbing as "Star Trek Looking For Little People." Luckily, the attached story doesn't disappoint.

The extras casting agency working on the new Star Trek movie is currently seeking little people for background work on film. They are specifically looking for men and women who are 4′4″ or shorter (age range 18-60, any ethnicity). It is not an open casting (like the one in October), but being done using Hollywood casting notices. The actors are required for shooting in mid-March.


But why would JJ Abrams be looking for those shorter than most? What could Deep Roy (because, having seen Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, all short people are now Deep Roy and CGI-manipulation in my head) be needed for? Maybe we're about to see a return of non-telepathic quasi-Roman dwarf jester Alexander?

Trek fans have a more cynical, historical perspective:

"It also could be for background crewmen to use in forced perspective sets like they did in ST:TMP. Maybe?"


"You don't suppose they're using them in the Engine Room the same way they created the "forced perspective" shots in ST:TMP? I noticed that they're requested for backgrounds. That seems like extra work to me."

"Maybe it's just forced perspective purposes... although with the ability to downscale/cgi a whole bunch of Hobbits/actors in LOTR- I assume there are easier ways to fool the audience eye than to hire a bunch of little people."

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