Travel the multiverse with “Curvy,” meet interesting people, and have sex with them

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Webcomic Curvy is a romp through a gimmick-laden multiverse of erotica. The protagonist Anais travels to strange worlds with the licorice-flavored princess named Fauna and encounters candy tentacles, transspecies pirates, human furniture, and some literal sexual healing.

Curvy (NSFW, on just about every page) uses the video game premise that the multiverse is filled with themed worlds. There's Candy World, Water World, Business World, but each world has one thing in common: everyone in every world is having sex more or less all the time. Anais is an ordinary denizen of our world (termed Boring World by the rest of the multiverse), until she runs into the mystical Liar, Despoina Fauna, a licorice princess from Candy World. Fauna is fleeing her wedding to the king of Smart World (who is none too bright), and Anais quickly falls for the magical candy creature. Soon she's on the run, dodging a sexy sorceress and a bumbling Boring World anti-terrorist agent — and that's before we get to the pirates and giant-headed CEOs.

Curvy is undeniably a comic about sex. Even if Fauna didn't have an erotically charged healing ability, people would still be having sex all across the multiverse. But coupled with all the nipple slips and fun times is a delightfully absurd humor. Creator Sylvan Migdal packs goofy jokes and sight gags into most of the comic's pages (well, after the initial lengthy sex scene), making it great fun even beyond the candy cane tentacle sex.



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I got really tired of this comic after a while. I'm not sure why — I think the pacing was starting to get sluggish and indecisive (as happens with a lot of webcomics, even famous ones like Dr McNinja).