Transformers' Movie Tech Gets Nefarious

If you wanted to see more of Revenge Of The Fallen's new badbot, Soundwave, IDW has your back. New comics series Transformers: Nefarious will give him a spotlight, while also introducing the concept of hijacking Transformer tech for human aims.

Written by TF master Simon Furman and drawn by Carlos Magno, Nefarious follows up on Michael Bay's hyper-successful movie by introducing new human characters who aren't only aware of the Transformers' war on Earth, but plan to retrofit all the robot's hardware and software for their own shady purposes. Editor Andy Schmidt explains:

The latest Transformers movie added several very cool elements to the tapestry — Soundwave and Ravage being my favorites — and we're keen to explore them... Our story tracks a new organization with ‘nefarious' designs on the robots in disguise. Their technology gives them a tactical advantage not yet seen in the films.


What kind of tactical advantage? You'll have to wait until early next year, when the series begins, to find out.

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