Since every Transformers sequel until now has had some kind of subtitle, it was pretty obvious Transformers 5 would follow suit. Well, that title has now been revealed and it’s not just unexpected, it’s downright confusing.

Paramount Pictures just announced that the full title of Transformers 5, scheduled for release June 23, 2017, is Transformers: The Last Knight. Here’s the logo.


Michael Bay is returning to direct from a script by Art Marcum, Matt Holloway, and Ken Nolan. Mark Wahlberg reprises his role from the fourth film, a new female lead character will be played by Isabela Moner, and comedian Jerrod Carmichael has also been cast.

The title is confusing mostly because Paramount has already dated at least two more Transformers movies for 2018 and 2019. So any finality suggested by “The Last Knight” has to be specific to the movie itself. Does it refer to one of the Autobots or Decipticons who may have royal heritage back on Cybertron? Or is it something less likely? That sword in the logo almost makes it seem like it could be a prequel set in medieval times. Honestly, we have no idea what it could be. We just know it’ll make a billion dollars.

Here’s the announcement from Instagram.


Production on The Last Knight starts June 6 in Detroit and will shoot all over the world.

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