Transformers 3: Good For The Studio, Good For America, Says Bay

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What motivated Michael Bay to say yes to a third Transformers movie? The desire to help his friends and stimulate the economy, according to the explodo director. Plus, watch the trailer for new videogame Transformers: War For Cybertron.


In a recent TV interview, Bay explained that the origins of Transformers 3 lay in his sense of responsibility to his friends, AKA Paramount Pictures:

The true story is we went to Vegas to celebrate ['Revenge of the Fallen'] crossing the $400 million mark domestic. I said I'm excited to do my small little movie. They said, well we're here to talk about that. I've become friends with these guys that run Paramount and they [told me,] 'We're going to get fired if we don't have a 2011 franchise,' so I'm like you can't let these guys down." The economy's been so rough, it's kind of important. When you say yes to movie like this you automatically give 3000 people jobs. 1000 for the toys. 2000 for the filmmaking. I'm going to put [the small film] on hold and do it right after ['Transformers 3'].


We're sure that the massive payday that Bay will undoubtedly make from the third installment didn't hurt that much either, but somehow, we're not sure that plays so well into this particular narrative.

Meanwhile, if you're jonesing for new Transformers before 2011's new movie (which may or may not be in 3D; Bay said that testing is currently taking place to see how it'd look), there's always the upcoming tie-in videogame, Transformers: War For Cybertron, which lets you pretend to be either an Autobot or Decepticon before they decide that Earth is where it's at. Here's the latest trailer:

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i find it funny that people get upset that a franchise designed to sell toys is not shakespear.

its giant robots fighting, and thats what the movies have been. nostalgia really does warp some of you guy's perceptions.