Transformers 2's Bad Guy Revealed, Disappoints

Images of the toy based on The Fallen, the mysterious character at the heart of this summer's Transformers movie sequel, have appeared online, and... well, he's not the most terrifying looking giant robot we've seen.

Admittedly, toys of Transformers can be deceptively shitty - something that we've written about before - but there's nothing surprising or cool about this version of the Fallen to warrant him getting his name in the title of Michael Bay's robotic sequel. And, yes, we know that it looks like he has a scary giant robotic penis, but that's still not enough to get us that interested.


The pics first appeared on TF fan forum TF08, where the reaction is slightly more excited than ours; the figure gets called "EPIC" and "awesome indeed." We'll wait until Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen arrives in cinemas this summer before making that announcement, thank you very much.


2009.2.8 rotf the fallen!!!!!!! [TF08]

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