Transformers 2 Writer Comments On Crazy Concept Art

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Wake up, spoiler fanatics! Transformers 2 writer Roberto Orci weighed in on the controversial concept art for the movie's version of Soundwave — and revealed exactly how the new Soundwave will be like the classic "taperecorder" version. Also, there are tons of clips and behind-the-scenes footage from Monday's new Heroes. A new set of Smallville script pages reveals a dire fate for one of your favorite characters. And there's a sneak peek at Whoopi Goldberg's appearance on Life On Mars. All that, plus spoilers for Lost, Knight Rider, Supernatural and Dragonball. Without spoilers, how would we know what to get excited for? Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen: The ever-helpful Roberto Orci has answered another batch of fan questions about the Transformers sequel. He said if you liked the first movie, you'll like the second. If you had problems with the first movie, some have been fixed, but not all. Also, some of Soundwave's most important qualities will make it into the movie, including his monotone Zapp-And-Roger-esque voice, his loyalty to Megatron, and his minions such as Ravage and Laserbeak. Meanwhile, some humans may be on the side of the Decepticons. And Optimus Prime won't have changed at all from his humble, self-sacrificing self in the first movie. One fan asked whether Primus will be mentioned, and Orci said maybe: "Certainly some form of deep back story and mythology will be important." Meanwhile, remember that leaked concept art of Soundwave and Ravage, which we all thought was fan art? Orci commented on it without verifying its authenticity, and said it looked to him like Ravage was a truck in the art, not Soundwave. [TFW2005] Dragonball: Yamcha doesn't appear for the first quarter of the film, but you see a lot of him later on, says actor Joon Park. [DBTheMovie] Lost: When Ben gets reunited with Locke, it's "powerful and shocking," says actor Michael Emerson. And you won't just see the same cliques of characters hanging out in season five — instead there'll be new alliances. [SpoilersLost] Smallville: Some script pages for episode 13, "Power," have turned up. Scientists are doing a forbidden nanotech procedure on a human at LuthorCorp., even though the tests on mice have barely started. The procedure includes a "transdermal evisceration." And then it appears the subject of the procedure is Lana, who's "barely alive." The boss-man, Grohl, says that's where she needs to be. Grohl's mysterious boss needs to be back on his feet soon, so the experiment has to rush forward. Later, Lana's blood pressure is rising, and the machines are keeping her alive. We also have some flashbacks to Lana waking up in a sanitarium, after having been in a coma for three months. A security guard holds her at gunpoint and tells her he has orders to keep her safe. She's forced to make some kind of recording on camera, at gunpoint. (But you can't see the gun in the video.) And then she's chloroformed. [Smallville-Spoilers] Heroes: Here are some more sneak peeks, cast interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and a Canadian trailer for Monday's all-new flashback episode, "Villains." [SpoilerTV and HeroesRevealed]

Life On Mars: Here's a sneak peek at Thursday's episode, including Whoopi Goldberg! [SpoilerTV] Click to view We'll meet the brother of Michael Imperioli's cop character, Ray. He's played by Eric Balfour. [EW] Knight Rider: In episode 15, "Fight Knight" (wow), an old army buddy of Michaels, named Annie, asks him to help investigate the apparent suicide of their sergeant, Jack Barber. Mike and Annie share a special bond because they fought together. Annie is willing to do anything to discover the truth — even join an illegal fight club. She falls afoul of Ty McKenna, who claims to be an ex-Navy SEAL but is really just a sleazy video promoter who makes videos like "Ghetto Girl Smackdown." Meanwhile, Constance, a sexy bartender who has a thing for men in uniform, takes Mike to her "back room" to test him out in a no-holds-barred fight. She's in cahoots with McKenna. [SpoilerTV] Supernatural: This week's episode takes place in a little town, Concrete, WA, which is played by Squamish, BC, which also stood in for a small town in Men In Trees. Ted Raimi (Sam's brother) guest stars as a nerdy guy who inexplicably gets a hot girl to fall for him thanks to a wishing well that really works. (Side note: am I the last person to know that Ben Edlund was writing for this show?) [TV Guide]

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Can the Knight Rider titles get any worse? I'm all for punny titles ("Chuck vs. ____" is in keeping with the feel of the show), but come on! The Knight Rider titles go beyond silly!