Transformers 2 Reshoots As It Prepares For First Glimpse

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Are Michael Bay's robots still rolling out across America? Reports are suggesting that Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen is undergoing reshoots even as its first teaser trailer is about to hit screens. Is the movie in trouble, or is there more than meets the eye?


The Transformers Live Action Movie Blog noted a report in the Antelope Valley Press that a crew for the movie were shooting as recently as the end of November in Edwards Air Force Base, despite Michael Bay's early November announcement that shooting had wrapped (although that announcement seemed to be contradicted within a week). They're not worried about the need for reshoots, however:

If a reshoot occurred, chances are its second unit work that didn't involve Bay or the principle cast and is simply being used to fill out shots that the editing process determined was needed.

I'm now imagining some poor extras running away from nothing, while a second unit director looks at his notes from Bay and yells "Now he's swiping at you! To your left! Scream!"

Meanwhile, speculation is growing about whether next week's release of The Day The Earth Stood Still will be accompanied by the first teaser trailer for the movie:

Considering that the trailer for Wolverine is debuting with TDTESS, it seems that there is an expectation that the movie will have a demographic that TF2 advertising would be aiming for. It’s also the last big budget popcorn movie of the year so last chance to get the most eyeballs aware that the sequel is coming before year end. After that, it seems to me that the next opportunity will not be until Watchmen in March.


If the trailer debuts with Keanu's next movie, expect it to be online Friday morning, even if it's only in shaky cam-phone version...

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

Having seen the shots that Michael Bay uses, imagine what he needs to reshoot.