Transfomers: The Last Knight Goes Behind-the-Scenes With Its Real Star, Britain's Loneliest Dog

Illustration for article titled iTransfomers: The Last Knight /iGoes Behind-the-Scenes With Its Real Star, Britains Loneliest Dog

A few months ago, it was reported that Michael Bay cast a poor shelter pup named Freya in the fifth Transformers movie, after reading about her in a UK newspaper. Now the film’s released a whole featurette about her starring role, which will no doubt be as exciting as Optimus fighting a dragon whatever other shenanigans will go on in the film.


Bay cast Freya, who suffers from epilepsy, as her story of spending her entire life in a shelter being passed over for adoption 18,000 times (what the hell, people?) went viral in the UK. Bay originally planned to adopt the pooch after filming if a home had yet to be found, but Freya has since been adopted by a local family. Still, at least she gets to make her acting debut in a blockbuster movie alongside Sir Anthony Hopkins!

Good dog.


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Ironic that a dog that suffers from epilepsy would be featured in a mostly-CG Transformers movie made by Michael Bay. My brain feels injured after watching every one of his “movies”.