Transcendence footage turns Johnny Depp into a God

Transcendence may seem like your typical "scientist creates artificial intelligence, scientist dies, scientist is loaded into AI device and goes rogue" movie. But this new featurette is showing a whole slew of insanity. Does Johnny Depp become a living god? Check it out.


This new look at Wally Pfister's film raises more questions than answered them. Does Johnny Depp's character find the power to flay skin from human flesh? Are we all just inside his brain? Does he have rogue infected soldiers, like in the final Matrix movie? We need answers! Either way, this looks like a much more of a straight-up action movie than we ever anticipated. Fingers crossed for this one.

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Derek C. F. Pegritz

30 years to upload capacity? I don't give it 20. Hell, the tech will probably be available before this damn film even comes out.

I admit, though, I love LOVE L!O!V!E! the use of nanoscale disassemblers in the more active parts of the film. Yeah, meatbags...go ahead and try—try as hard you possibly can—to put down a distributed AGI/upload with access to weaponized nanotech. Maybe if we're—I am—nice I'll just shred you at the molecular level: I won't brute-force upload you, too, and let you experience the wonderful world of Harlan Ellision's "I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream" firsthand. FOREVER.

BTW, "I Have No Mouth" would make for a wonderful post-Singularity short film. I might have to get around to writing/filming that...but only after the cock Ellison is dead. No, strike that: I'm gonna do it while he's still alive just so I can spread it to every corner of the 'Net and let him him seethe about it.