Training for the Automated Office of Tomorrow—Today! 1984

Learn how in a mere 24 weeks you can become a word-processing secretary using all the latest computer technology in this 1984 ad for MBTI (Manpower Business Training Institute) featuring Voice of the Milwaukee Bucks, Eddie Doucette. I left Milwaukee a year later—and with no training at all was soon using a computer with a black screen and screaming neon green type just like these. Also note that, despite the fact that MBTI is selling its up-to-the-minute technology training, the woman to the left of spokesman Doucette is using an electric typewriter.

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Corpore Metal

Ah yes! Back in the primordial eon of desktop computing. I was in my first years of university when commercials like these were broadcast.

I didn't get what the problem was for some computer-phobes either. I just sat in front of my step-father's IBM looked briefly at the Easy Writer manual for about 5 minutes and I was a word processing diva in minutes.

Now these young whippersnappers with their home sequencing kits—flibbidy floo! I remember when it took a grad school student and millions of dollars of equipment to gene sequence or make DNA. You'd have to micro-pipette that stuff by hand! And we liked it!