Train to Busan: Peninsula's First Trailer Is the Kind of Stress You Don't Need Right Now

They’re kicking it up a notch.
They’re kicking it up a notch.
Image: Next Entertainment World
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Yeon Sang-ho’s Train to Busan expertly captured the sheer overwhelming sense of devastation that would be created by a zombie outbreak that quickly spread its way through a densely-packed, unsuspecting nation. Given the current state of the world, the first trailer for Train to Busan: Peninsula—a sequel to the original film—is rather timely, but it’s also that much more terrifying.


Set four years after the first Train to Busan, Peninsula follows a group of survivors trying to make their way through what’s left of South Korea after the total collapse of society. Though there are plenty of flesh-eating monsters milling about to scare the crap out of you, what’s haunting about the trailer is how the zombies have clustered in urban areas, mirroring their past lives as humans and making clear how profoundly screwed things have become.

The movie’s plot about soldier Jung-seok (Gang Dong-won) being sent on a mission into the zombie wasteland to retrieve valuable items only to stumble upon civilians who need help surviving feels like something out of the Resident Evil franchise, but Yeon’s directorial sensibilities are certain to make Peninsula feel markedly deeper.

Train to Busan: Peninsula hits Korean theaters this August.

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A lot of Train to Busan’s appeal IMO was that tight, claustrophobic setting of the titular train. The mode of transport giving the story both metaphorical and literal progression points. This sequel just looks like a generic zombie “After the fall” movie, while also putting a dampener on the first film’s ending - being as it was not entirely grim for the genre.

My biggest gripe about Train to Busan though was the “Rubber band” zombies: where despite being the fast, swarming types, they were either as close or far away from the cast as the script required them. This got particularly ludicrous given IIRC one of the cast was a pregnant woman, who always managed to run faster than the sprinting horde.