Trailer Proves Caprica Shouldn't Be Tied To BSG

The Sci Fi Channel just released its first trailer for Caprica, the prequel to Battlestar Galactica that shows the origins of the Cylons. The trailer shows glimpses of some of the issues the show will raise: about cyber consciousness versus "real" consciousness, and faith versus the randomness of the universe. But watching the trailer, I couldn't help wishing it was an original series from Ron Moore and company — one which picks up a lot of the ideas from BSG, but doesn't stagger under the baggage of tying in with it.

The story of a grieving father who tries to replace his dead daughter with a cybernetic organism — only to create a whole new form of life — is just bursting with potential and poignancy. And yet, I'm worried all of the stuff about the roots of the Adama family and other assorted BSG-related loose ends will drown it in clutter.
[Sci Fi Wire]


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