Trailer for Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs Is Lassie With Far More Quarantines

Still: Fox Searchlight via YouTube

A boy and his dog. It’s a tale as old as old as time. Well, except in this case all the dogs are plagued and have been shipped off to a garbage island to die.

The first trailer is out for Isle of Dogs, the latest stop-motion animated film from Wes Anderson. Set in Japan, the film is about a group of dogs who have been quarantined on an island after canine overpopulation led to the spread of disease. As the furry friends try to survive, they come across a 12-year-old boy who commandeered a plane so he could fly to the island and find his dog, Spot.


Anderson first announced Isle of Dogs back in 2015, serving as an unofficial follow-up to his Oscar-winning animated film Fantastic Mr. Fox. The similarities between these two films are striking, fitting Anderson’s typical look and style (for example, near-exclusive central framing). That said, it does strike as awkward that the movie is set in Japan but all the dogs have American voices. I’m sure it’s entirely because Anderson wanted to again hire his friends and frequent collaborators to be in his movie, including Owen Wilson, Edward Norton, and Bill Murray, but it was noticeably dissonant in the trailer. I hope it’s not as weird in the final product.

Isle of Dogs comes out March 23, 2018. You can watch the debut trailer below.


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