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Trailer For The Pyramid Attempts To Resurrect The Mummy Monster Genre

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Too long have we waited for a good curse of the mummy movie. But now The Pyramid promises the return of excavation horror paired with plenty of ancient booby traps and resurrected mummies—you know, all that good mummy shit. Oh, and it stars the sensational Denis O'Hare. SOLD.


Not going to lie, I love it when Hollywood does archeology shtick. I'm a sucker for ancient curses and moving walls and difficult to decipher hieroglyphics. And it looks like The Pyramid is promises all of that, plus O'Hare, who can do no wrong. Not sure how I feel about super fast mummies, but then again Arnold Vosloo kind of helped usher in a faster mummy era.

The Pyramid will premiere on December 5th.

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If it is not as scary as this, I say meh....MEH!!! I SAY!!!
Still, it would be cool if they show the traps with better lighting......Even do this is inside a dark underground tomb.