The third movie in Terry Gilliam's "Orwellian triptych" is Zero Theorem, and this new trailer is loaded with references to its dystopian predecessors Brazil and 12 Monkeys. And yet the film stands alone as a Gilliam original quite well, as this trailer proves. Check it out.

The film is centered around Christoph Waltz, a computer genius who is given the chance to prove the Zero Theorem — that everything equals nothing, or 0=100%. Which is a heady job, when you think about it.

However ,we're most excited about the return to the Gilliam style. The terrifying doctors, videogame-like world, and cluttered future — it's gorgeous. We grabbed a few screenshots for you to behold:


Oh yeah, and apparently Matt Damon is in this?


Looks like fun. Zero Theorem will be released on September 19th.