Trailer For Stanislaw Lem's The Congress Explains The Beautiful Madness

Illustration for article titled Trailer For Stanislaw Lems emThe Congress/em Explains The Beautiful Madness
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This new trailer for The Congress goes much deeper into the surreal world that was adapted from Stainlaw Lem's The Futurological Congress. We had no idea there was a whole other future dystopia hiding in this feature!

Robin Wright plays a version of herself as an aged star, who sells her likeness to a movie studio. After that, as you can see, things get weird. Directed by Ari Folman, this movie reminds us a bit of S1m0ne and Cool World, but hopefully far superior than either film.


The Congress will hit theaters on August 29th.

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I'll admit it's been at least 20 years since I read the Lem masterpiece. But...I don't recall any of this. At all. It's one thing to rip apart the intention of the author (see Contact), but it's another thing all together to take one tiny concept and use "creative license" on the rest. In my mind the only person capable of doing Congress justice is Terry Gilliam. The book portrays the grimmest, most dysfunctional future you could possibly imagine. This trailer looks like Walt Disney pixie dust with sex. ... I'm not BALKING at that... just sayin.