Director Eddie Lebron announced this summer that he was producing the definitive Mega Man fan movie, based on the original video game for the Nintendo. This weekend, he released the film's full-length trailer, which introduces the movie's back story, shows off its multicolored battle robots, and gives us a taste of its impressive special effects.Lebron has produced another fan movie, Ghostbusters: Generation, as well as another feature length science fiction film, Clear. He promises that his Mega Man fan film will closely follow the basic plot of the first video game in the series: Dr. Light creates several androids including Rock and Roll, but his colleague, the evil Dr. Albert Wiley, grows jealous of Light and steals Light's robot master series, which he uses to wreak havoc on the city. Rock agrees to combat his robotic brethren and becomes Mega Man. The movie will feature each of the bosses Mega Man battles in the original game, complete with energy-based attacks and heaps of special effects lightning.

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