Trailer For Joe Dante's Burying The Ex Digs Up Unrequited Zombie Love

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Joe Dante brings the undead love in his new horror-comedy Burying the Ex, which features Anton Yelchin and Ashley Greene as a pair of lovers separated by death and hatred.


The premise is simple: Boy loves girl. Girl is a stereotypical Hollywood-type shrew creature. Boy wants to break up with girl. Girl dies in horrific accident. Boy is sad. Boy meets new girl. Old girl comes back from the dead to be with boy.

However, the one thing I'm really loving about this trailer is the gross-out factor. It's kind of like, OK, if the ex-girlfriend has to be some typical nightmare lady, at least she gets to turn into an actual nightmare and vomit up embalming fluid and have her skin rip off. It doesn't even seem like she cares about the whole deteriorating body factor either, which I additionally like.


There's no date yet for the states but allegedly the picture will be released sometime this summer.

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Zombie rom-com. Yeah, that happened.

So, zombies are about over then? (God, I hope so.)