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We knew it was coming. And now, it’s almost here: the remake, or reboot, or risky “man, I hope nobody remembers anything that happened 14 years ago” gamble that is the Cabin Fever remake. Let’s see ... kids go to the woods to party, only to realize a disgusting and highly contagious plague awaits.

Sounds familiar!

Eli Roth, who wrote, directed, and had a small but pivotal role in the 2002 original, serves as executive producer and is also listed as being in the cast—though he doesn’t appear in the trailer so there’s no telling if he’ll play the same character. More importantly, let’s address that kid in the bunny mask. Is he gonna re-enact the below, which is probably the most-remembered scene from Cabin Fever, and quite possibly the main reason it became a cult classic?


All will be revealed February 12 when Cabin Fever opens (again).

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