Tracy Scoggins Walks In On A Doll And A Shrunken Lady Having Sex On An Oven Mitt

Brick Bardo is an alien the size of a child's doll. Ginger is a normal woman who was shrunk by aliens. Together, they make sweet, sweet love on a kitchen counter... until Tracy Scoggins walks in on them.

This amazing scene comes from Dollman Vs. Demonic Toys, a film so fantastic it's actually a sequel to three different movies. Eat your heart out, X-Men 3. Brick Bardo, aka Dollman (Tim Thomerson), is the hero of Dollman, the story of an alien cop who just happens to be a few inches tall and winds up on Earth fighting crime from a unique perspective. Ginger is one of the women who got shrunk by the evil radio-station monsters in Bad Channels, which we featured a while back. And the demonic toys are from Demonic Toys, a movie about possessed playthings trying to raise Satan. Nobody will believe Tracy Scoggins that the toys are evil, which is why she's been suspended as a cop.


Poor Ginger thinks she's doomed to loneliness as the only doll-sized human, until Dollman comes into her life. But he's not the only one who's excited to have a tiny woman around — the demonic toys want to impregnate her with their miniature Satanic baby, who will grow up to be a doll-sized Antichrist. Here's a great scene where the toys attempt to kill Brick Bardo by pulling him apart with toy trucks, while promising Ginger that soon enough, "We're going to bump and grind."

Dollman Vs. Demonic Toys is only an hour long, and at least ten minutes of that is flashbacks to the three movies it's a sequel to. But somehow, it manages to pack in as much WTFery as three regular films.

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