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Given the awe-inspiring failure of MacGruber, it's unlikely we'll see another SNL-based movie any time soon. Which is a shame, because Tracy Morgan's scifi-serial-blaxploitation mashup is a idea just waiting to make someone money.


Just listening to that retro-bossa nova theme song conjures images of a Mad Men-esque '60s romp through the stars, following a wanton-hedonist spaceman as he goes from planet to planet trying to sleep with things. An Astronaut Jones movie should look cheesy, so you wouldn't need to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to shoot it — and risk it ballooning out of proportion, like Land of the Lost. And Tracy Morgan could not be more beloved right now, thanks to his continuing lunacy on 30 Rock. If you manage your expectations, Hollywood, this could be an easy stand-up double.

Lasers, gratuitous nudity, and foam boulders on backlot planets? Where in the hell do I sign up?

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