Traci Lords Is "A Princess Of Mars." God Help Us All.

Can't wait another couple years for the Andrew Stanton-Michael Chabon John Carter Of Mars movie? You don't have to. Asylum, maker of so many bargain-basement epics, is putting out Princess Of Mars now. The trailer reveals Traci Lords' Deja Thoris.

Since Edgar Rice Burroughs' books are public domain, Asylum is fre to create their own take on the story of Deja Thoris, even to the point of inflicting Traci Lords on us again. And of course, they get to tie in with the John Carter-inspired Avatar as well as the eventual John Carter movie.


Here's that trailer:

And here are some utterly dismal sills, showing Traci Lords in her be-bikinied glory:

[via Slashfilm and Undead Backbrain]

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