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Tr2n's Master Control Program Ditches Original Scribe

Illustration for article titled Tr2ns Master Control Program Ditches Original Scribe

Steve Lisberger, who wrote the original Tron, has been working on a sequel script for five years - to no avail. Pixar/Disney animation head John Lasseter, who's heading up the Tron sequel, has decided to go forward without Lisberger. But Lasseter's new choice to steer the sequel's light cycles has us suddenly optimistic for another journey into the land of video-game frisbees. Lost writers and producers Eddie Kitsis & Adam Horovitz have been brought on to the project to write the new sequel. Both gentlemen helped pen my favorite episode, "Ji Yeon," with the flash-forwards of Sun, and where Jin searches high and low for a Panda stuffed animal. So if that's the kind intricate story-telling we can expect from Tr2n then I'm completely on board for the sequel, even with a ridiculous name. Relatively unknown director Joseph Kosinski (who is also directing the remake of Logan's Run) has been tapped to direct the sequel. I'm don't know much about him, but happy that he's scifi minded. Why did Lasseter ditch Lisberger's script? According to Jim Hill Media:

He felt that Lisberger had missed some obvious opportunities to create a truly compelling piece of entertainment. Something that would have touched an audience's emotions as it dazzled their eyes.


Which gives Lisberger more time to work on his fear-the-singularity movie Soul Code. But if anyone else was confused about there being a trailer without a script, Jim Hill sheds some light on this conundrum. The sequel is supposed to be released in the summer of 2010, and only a small amount of test filming has happened so far. [Joseph Hill Media]

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Well, the original was great. The tron 2.0 was great. Now this, what looked to be great, has now jumped the shark.

No way I pay to see this. Sure the graphics will be good, but who cares without a real story. And brining in the talentless hacks from Lost will do nothing but alienate all the other fanboys out there.