Toy Story characters invade classic movie posters

Buzz Lightyear reaches the next stage of action figure development in Jim Tuckwell's reinvented 2001: A Space Odyssey movie poster, and imagines how some of Toy Story's other characters might look in dark and classic films.

On Tuckwell's Behance page, he's cast Woody and Mr. Potato Head in the Tarantino spoof Reservoir Dolls, and the plastic army men in their own Playtoon. In a way, the toys make perfect subjects for this sort of design play. While we tend to think of them as their characters from the film, their toyish nature means that we, the players, can cast them in any role. But given Mr. Potato Head's loosely attached body parts, he's pretty much doomed to play any character who gets dismembered.


Toy Stories [Jim Tuckwell via My Modern Met]

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