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Toxic Waste is Turning Russian Dogs Green

Illustration for article titled Toxic Waste is Turning Russian Dogs Green

Rolling around in a pile of toxic waste generally doesn't give you superpowers so much as make you incredibly ill, but for dogs in one Russian town, exposure to chemical waste has had a curious side-effect: it's turning them green.


Former guard dogs, strays in the city of Yekaterinburg have been spotted sporting green coats. Although some locals initially thought it was a prank, the police believe that illegal chemical dumping is responsible for these dogs of a different color. As a result of the startling discovery, the city council has been asked to clean up the toxic area.

It sounds like the color is probably the result of a chemical reaction with the dogs' fur, but it probably doesn't bode well for their overall health and well-being. Still, the folks responsible for the dumpng better hope they don't end up with a pack of canine Toxic Avengers on their hands.


Wild Dogs Turn Green From 'Toxic Waste' [Yahoo! News via Geekologie]

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As long they don't satrt showing multiple eyes is ok.