Tour Your Nightmares With This Inside Peek at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights

Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights is back, once again bringing your favorite scary franchises to life. Every year, properties like like Stranger Things, The Purge, The Walking Dead, and Halloween get their very own freaky mazes, terrifying fans who are brave enough to stand in line and venture into the dark abyss.

This year, io9's Germain Lussier braved a few of this year’s mazes at the Hollywood location (you can also find Horror Nights at Universal Studios locations in Orlando, Singapore, and Japan) to bring us a first-hand look at the thrills and the chills. Check out our video here—but beware. You’re about to get scared.


The event is open now through Halloween. For more information, head to their official site.

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The Poltergeist Maze is supposed to be incredible. I am going twice this year and am pretty damn stoked about it.