Tour A Real, Abandoned Insane Asylum In This Creepy Short Video

Ghosts are implied but not actually filmed in this spectacularly eerie tour of a massive asylum, closed for 20 years. Elegant editing and camerawork, including some graceful aerial footage, capture graffiti-covered abandonment as well as what the narrator terms “a presence, as if something was still there.”

The video also recognizes the explorers and artists (as well as vandals) who are attracted to such places — including the creators of the video, Project Senium, whose stated objective hints at more works like this to come:

Project Senium is an effort to preserve the experience of some of the most beautifully disturbing places in the world in a cinematic short film. By bringing tools and experience from the realm of filmmaking, we show the decaying walls of abandoned mental hospitals, expose their dark history, and preserve forever the beauty that few get to witness. Join Project Senium and for an unprecedented cinematic view into these forgotten places before they disappear forever.

In the form of a six-to-nine minute short film we try to cover the importance of remembering the history of these places, speak briefly to the now popular activity of urban exploration, and capture the quickly deteriorating buildings in a way that has not been seen before.


[Via Curbed]

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One thing that fascinates me about things like this is how the emotional history of a place can be just as relevant as the place itself. I mean, there’s little difference between this and an abandoned anything else, but it’s almost as if the place has its own emotional echoes.