Totally Revolting Birthday Cake Shaped Like "Split-Face" from The Thing

We've seen birthday cakes shaped like all sorts of science fiction icons, including star destroyers. But it takes a special kind of geek to want a birthday cake fashioned after the "Split-Face" from John Carpenter's The Thing.


San Francisco artist Vicky Knoop created this cake for her boyfriend's birthday, and it's almost too creepy to eat. Almost.

You can read a step-by-step instruction over at Left Musing, where she talks about sculpting the fondant:

Creating the Rice Krispy foundation — as seen in this time-lapse video:

Sculpting the Fondant:


And adding teeth:


Painting the faces:


And then there are more steps, including baking the cake and sculpting and building the sides. And then eating the delicious horrifying confection! See tons more pictures and details at the link. [Left Musing via Laughing Squid]

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