Totally insane Walking Dead rumors might reveal a major character's fate!

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Sigourney Weaver reveals her future in the Avatar movies. Andy Serkis discusses returning to Gollum in The Hobbit. Check out new photos for John Carter and Dredd. Plus get the latest on Fringe, Alcatraz, The River, and The Vampire Diaries!

Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

Avatar 2 and 3

We've been heading in this direction for awhile, but Sigourney Weaver has now confirmed that she will indeed be back as Grace Augustine — despite the fact that she, you know, died in the first movie — in both of the Avatar sequels:

I read early versions of the script, but I cannot say anything else James Cameron comes here and kills me. I can say that I'll be in both, we will turn them one after another and explore worlds that were not touched in the first episode.

What is certain is that Cameron will begin filming in the new Avatar only after going underwater in a submarine that will build special purpose. I think it should go up to the Mariana Trench. Having put his hand on the Titanic for the 3D version has given him many ideas for narrative Avatar.


One disclaimer to all this: that's a translation of an interview she gave to an Italian website, which actually means that we may be looking at two layers of translation here. As such, it's very possible that that's not a 100% accurate representation of what she actually said. Still, the basic gist would seem to be that yes, Sigourney Weaver will definitely be in both sequels. [The Daily What]

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Here are some more TV spots.

John Carter

Here are some newly released promo photos. [CineHeroes]

The Hobbit

Andy Serkis discusses his role as a second unit director on the film:

Because I'm directing the Second Unit on The Hobbit, I feel very at home with Middle Earth. I feel equipped to be Peter's eyes and ears on the Second Unit, which is a big operation. We're covering a lot of stuff. We shoot everything from drama to aerial shots to battle sequences. I'm very pleased to be at this point.


As for returning to Gollum, he jokes that all he can reveal is "that he's 60 years younger and a lot more handsome." He did explain how advances in motion capture since Lord of the Rings have helped his performance:

What's great is that, with the technology, we can shoot on a live-action set. I don't have to go back and repeat the process. There's no disconnect anymore. When I'm acting with my fellow actor on a live-action set, it's all for real and whatever happens between those two actors is what's recorded. The live-action actor is recorded with film cameras while my performance as Gollum is recorded with performance capture cameras.




Here are some promo images that show, among others, Star Trek's Karl Urban as Judge Dredd, The Darkest Hour's Olivia Thirlby as Cassandra Anderson, and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides actor Deobia Oparei as Judge J.T. Alvarez. [/Film]



McG gives a status update on this live-action comedy focusing on the Peter Pan character Tinkerbell, which has Elizabeth Banks set to play the title role:

"Tink is getting very healthy. There's a great script that's out at Disney. I'm producing it with Adam Shankman. Mary Viola, who runs my film division is doing it. We've got a great script we like, so we're about to appeal to Sean Bailey and Rich Ross, who run things out there at Disney and see if they have an appetite for making it. It's like Elf. I love those movies. Just imagine Tinkerbell in real life comes to our world."


Monster Squad

McG also revealed that he is no longer involved with the proposed remake of the 1987 monster team-up movie. [Collider]



Comic book writer Paul Guinan discusses the current status of the film adaptation of Boilerplate: History's Mechanical Marvel, the secret history comic series he wrote with his wife Anina Bennett:

J.J. Abrams is still planning to produce it, and we're still totally stoked. He took pitches from a number of screenwriters, and toward the end of last year Paramount announced that it had hired John D. Payne and Patrick McKay. They wrote Goliath, which is slated for 2013 release by Relativity.




Here are some promo photos for this Friday's episode, "Welcome to Westfield." [BuddyTV]


The Walking Dead

This may well all be total bullshit - indeed, that's my general suspicion with inside sources in general - but a person claiming to be part of the production team has stepped forward with some fairly major spoilers. First up, a description of what happens in the midseason premiere, "Nebraska", which kicks off the rest of the season on February 12:

Hershel goes into town to a bar to drown his sorrows with alcohol, Rick and Glenn go after him.
They find him drinking long story short, 2 guys walk in out of nowhere and essentially fake being nice all along wanting to know where they are staying so they can go raid and rape etc. Rick pretty much goes cowboy on em and kills em both. Hershel has a new found admiration for him after this. Anyway after awhile a bunch of people come looking for their friends and finally find out and there is a fire fight between Rick's people and the others, many of them.


That at least vaguely seems to square with one of the promos, which does briefly depict Herschel and Rick in what looks like a bar, and there have been reports of two new additions who sound like the characters described. Of course, it would be pretty easy to fit a description like this around those details, so that doesn't necessarily mean much. Now for the really big spoiler, in which Shane basically at last catches up to his original comic book fate:

Shane does not make it through the season, essentially Lori puts into his head that if Rick wasn't around they would still be together. This makes Shane change AGAIN, (he had finally made peace and Lori fucked him up again). Anyway he decides to kill Rick and lures him into the forest chasing after someone you will meet in "Nebraska". Of course Rick isn't stupid he realizes nothing is adding up and tries to give Shane a chance to abandon his plans. Believe it or not Rick loves Shane like a brother, anyway he finally calls Shane on it and Shane basically tells him how Carl and Lori will get over his death. Shane has a gun pointed at Ricks face and seconds away from shooting, when Rick starts to negotiate his way out of it, all along pulling a knife out. Long story short he lunges at Shane and buries the knife in his chest.


All this leads to Shane rising as a zombie, at which point Carl shoots him, presumably killing him off for good. Again, Shane's death — or, more accurately, actor Jon Bernthal's departure from the show — has been rumored for awhile now, so you can either take this as confirmation of that rumor or a hoax calculated to build on those earlier reports. I'd tend to go with the latter, but let's finally look at how all this Shane craziness will affect Rick's character from here on out:

All this causes Rick to slowly change into a Shane if you will, believe me the show is going somewhere so crazy that Shane's death will not even be a burden, he served his purpose by helping Ricks character transform.


As always, I'd recommend taking all such rumors with a generous heaping of salt. [SpoilerTV]


Star Sarah Jones discusses her character, Detective Rebecca Madsen:

I was intrigued by Rebecca's youth, the fact that she is a bit of a prodigy in her line of work, and how she has no reservations about challenging someone like Hauser [Sam Neill]. At the same time, she has a vulnerability that comes out through her partnership with Doc [Jorge Garcia] and relationship with Ray [Robert Forster].


She also says that Rebecca won't let go of the fact that her grandfather killed her partner. As to whether Rebecca is hiding any secrets of her own, Jones offered this response:

In one episode, there's a great line where Rebecca asks Ray, "What is it about Alcatraz that makes everybody into a liar?" That sums it up right there.


[TV Guide]

Here's the promo for next week's episode, "Paxton Petty."

The River

Here's the official description for episode four, "A Better Man", which is set to air February 21:


"A Better Man" – As the search continues for Emmet and his crew, the Magus comes across one of Emmet's crew members who went missing alongside Emmet. They soon discover that he's been cursed and learn the mystical story behind the curse, which is now a matter of life and death. Lincoln faces a challenge when the rest of the crew want to leave their plagued colleague behind to continue the mission, and he must try to be their moral compass.


You can also check out a behind-the-scenes video here. [SpoilerTV]

Falling Skies

Terry O'Quinn, Lost's own John Locke, will reportedly appear in the last two episodes of season two as a former history professor and mentor to Noah Wyle's Tom Mason. [EW]


Here's a promo for the upcoming season, which airs this summer.


Being Human (UK)

Here are two promos for the second episode of series four, "Being Human 1955", which airs this Sunday.

And here are some dialogue teasers for the episode:

"Leo? Leo, can you hear me? Don't be afraid."
"No Tom, I'm not agreeing with you, your grammar is appalling."
"Either you mean Peter Mandelson, or you are comparing me to a German composer."
"Killing is the most difficult thing in the world, which is why when you actual do it there's nothing more exhilarating."
"I should have given this to you then, but I was too shy, too scared and too stupid."
"I'm afraid there's just one more thing."


There's more at the link. [SpoilerTV]

The Vampire Diaries

Candice Accola, who plays Caroline on the show, discusses her character's possible romantic futures with both Klaus and Tyler:

"Caroline and Klaus will be dancing at the ball together and we shall see if that is something that they both want or if it's not. [We're] not just zipping through that storyline. I think there's definitely the possibility for a romantic relationship to happen between those two..."Tyler is definitely realizing that he needs to work on himself. He has decided to separate himself from the people that he loves so he doesn't hurt them anymore."


You can watch a longer interview with Accola at the link. [E! Online]

Additional reporting by Ben Vrigson and Charlie Jane Anders.


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