Totally Insane Star Wars Ads: Chewbacca's Makeover and Darth Vader's Latte!

For the second year in a row, British electronics chain Currys PCWorld has put together a series of holiday ads based around Star Wars. And the mixture of droids, Jedi and consumer electronics turns out, not surprisingly, to be a natural fit. Just watch Chewbacca getting himself a makeover with a nice blow drier.


Thanks to Alan for the heads up!

Darth Vader's Visit

R2D2 Error

R2D2 and Hetty Hoover

Chewbacca Hug

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ps. "totally insane"? I don't think those words mean what you think they mean.

these are 'cute', 'dumb', 'saccharine', 'mindless' and play off lowest-common-denominater knowledge of the characters but "totally insane"? "Totally Insane" ads would feature "Han Solo and Luke Skywalker clubbing at a gay disco in NY and picking up Lando for a 3-some", or "Leia married to Binks with little cross-breed children with danish hair bobs and prehensile tongues", or "Chewie as god-like leader of a reaver-style death cult roaming the galaxy looking for food stock for their chain of Jedi-barbecue restaurants" NOT "let's have a wookie use a hair dryer!" or "have the advanced droid capabable of hacking into all manner of computer systems be stymied by windows".

Please explain how ANY of this is remotely "totally insane".