Totally Badass Trailer for Battlestar Galactica's Cylon War Prequel, Blood and Chrome

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Check out the amazing trailer for the new Battlestar Galactica prequel, Blood and Chrome. Following a young William Adama fighting in the first Cylon War. Last we heard, this pilot was going to be demoted to a webseries, instead of being aired as a TV movie. But this trailer is too amazing to be relegated to the internet — put this pilot on TV now, Syfy!


According to our old reports the plot follows young William Adama as he's ordered to escort a young woman, who turns out to know some vitally important Cylon secrets. So far, this show looks slick as hell. So Say We All!


Purple Dave

Okay, so I have to ask this because it's seriously bugging me. I've been watching the nBSG series on BBCA (six eps to go, I think). So they get to Earth and find out that it's been 2000 years or so since the Cylons colonized that (this) planet. Then in the Caprica series (which I watched in original broadcast), we're seeing Adama's daddy running around with the people who invented Cylons, like 60-70 years before they mowed through the human race in the nBSG miniseries. W. T. F. How do you bork the continuity that badly and not get called out on it? In all the time I was reading write-ups on Caprica, I don't recall a single person pointing out that Adama would have to be older than dirt to have been born during the time period covered by Caprica, and that was before we found out that the Kid Adama we were watching through most of the series was actually the deceased older brother that Adama was named after.