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What do you do when a reboot you're morally opposed to gets an interesting screenwriter? Kurt Wimmer will be rebootingTotal Recall. Wimmer, of course, wrote and directed both Equilibrium and Ultraviolet. Does that calm your nerves or inflame them?


Wimmer's also worked on highly praised films such as The Thomas Crown Affair, and I'm imagining the gritty, dark mutant-strewn Mars our young protagonist will have to search through, now that he's got a new set of vacation memories. But I'm still not sure this needed to be made.

This original film, based on Philip K Dick's We Can Remember It for You Wholesale, is such a classic, it's almost blasphemous to consider an Arnold-free remake. All we know from the studio is that they're planning on making it a "contemporized adaptation." (Shudder.) Does this mean no more three-breasted lady and eye-popping prosthetics? Will the ending be more like the story? All important questions we put out there to you, Hollywood, as your audience and the people who will picket outside the premiere unless the three-breasted lady gets her cameo.


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