Total Mutant Catastrophe: The Latest X-Men Set Pics

A batch of new set pics from the set of Matthew Vaughan's X-Men: First Class reveal the filming of a crucial scene where disaster strikes mutantkind. Spoilery pics and speculation below.

Comic Book Movie has a collection of shots from the set of the new X-Men movie, which is shooting in Jekyll Island, Georgia. Looks like the Blackbird jet has taken a bit of a tumble and now sits on the beach in pieces...


We can make out at least three different chunks of jet debris. But the question remains: what storyline is this big crash from?

People are throwing out some left field ideas like the Krakoa character, but we're more interested to see what you all think? Where did the jet crash land and why? All speculations welcome!


To see more images head to CBM. X-men: First Class is scheduled to be released in theaters on June 3rd, 2011.

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