Torchwood's Captain Jack Exposes Himself, Appalls One Briton

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Torchwood star John Barrowman exposed himself live on the BBC this weekend, earning all of one complaint from a concerned viewer, and sparking off Google searches all across the world from everyone who missed it live.


Barrowman shared his meat and two veg with the world via webcam during an apparance on BBC Radio 1's Switch show - but, to be fair, he was pushed into it by host Nick Grimshaw, who tempted fate (and Barrowman) by saying,

You're famous, we're told, for getting your willy out in interviews. Is this going to happen today?

Barrowman responded,

Alright. I'll get it out for you then, no problem.

And that's when the trouble started.

The trouble, of course, was pretty minor for the beleaguered broadcaster - Only one listener complained about the pre-9pm (Britain's broadcast watershed, after which nudity and swearing are fair game) nudity, compared with the slightly more controversial Russell Brand debacle from October. Nonetheless, both the BBC and Barrowman have issued apologies; Barrowman saying that the "light-hearted" banter went too far, and an official BBC spokesman commenting that "the programme overstepped the mark."

Of course, that's not stopped them making the show available on their iPlayer app.

BBC sorry over Barrowman 'exposure' [Digital Spy]



It was only on the radio? Bugger! I was hoping it was video.

I have to break out the appropriate Army cadence here:

"Hey hey, Captain Jack; meet me down by the railroad track. With that bottle in my hand, I'm gonna be a drinkin' man..."

For future refrains, remove and replace bottle with "cigarette" and various other oddments and modify the last verb to suit.