Torchwood's BBC One Debut A Hit

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If anyone had any doubts that Torchwood could be a success on the more mainstream BBC One network, the audience turnout for the first episode of Children of Earth will have changed their minds, almost doubling previous viewing figures.


5.94 million people tuned in for the first episode of the show's third season, it's first on BBC One. If that doesn't sound like a lot, previous season premieres have pulled in 2.4m (Season One on BBC Three) and 3.72m (Season Two on BBC Two), making 5.94 million an impressive leap (more than double than that of its lead-in, an episode of current affairs show Panorama) - and also enough people to win the timeslot for the night.

The season continues this evening and for the rest of the week on BBC One, before premiering in America on BBC America July 20th.


5.9m tune in for new 'Torchwood' [Digital Spy]

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I managed to wait approximately 18 hours before acquiring this episode. Waiting until the 20th? Bish, plz. Not happening. Wake up BBC America - I WOULD HAVE PAID REAL MONEY FOR THIS!