For those who find the reality of Torchwood much harder to stomach than the basic concept, an alternative to the self-conscious "adult" Doctor Who has arrived in the form of fan webcomic Torchwood Babiez. In the words of the creators, the series is "designed specifically to kill you with cute" and "the byproduct of too much booze and conventions." Needless to say, anyone who's ever wished that they could see an underage manga-ized version of Captain Jack may be very excited by what they can see under the jump.


The series has reached its halfway point last week with a rather unexpected cameo that's somewhat familiar to those of us who remember the X-Babies from mid-80s X-Men comics, but nonetheless, it's already more enjoyable than the entire "CyberWoman" episode of Torchwood's first season.

Why kids and Torchwood should never meet []

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