Torchwood Should Be Called "It's All The Doctor's Fault"

Is Torchwood's Captain Jack the worst boss in the universe? He sexually harrasses the employees, he creates a hostile work environment, and he shoots you down when you show some initiative. And yet, even though I would never want to work for Jack in a billion years, this was easily the best episode of the Doctor Who spin-off since the one where Martha Jones showed up. Yes, our love-hate relationship with Torchwood continues, with spoilers.

I'm beginning to think the real title of Torchwood should be It's All The Doctor's Fault. He's the one who randomly decided to open that time rift, way back during "The Unquiet Dead." He should personally apologize to all those people who've lost their loved ones whenever the rift felt peckish.


But yeah, anyway, this was definitely the best episode in over a month. Just the fact that it offered no easy solutions and gave us that super-bleak ending was enough to win me over. And it does make sense that the rift would be a two-way street. Although, how exactly do the people get back again? It wasn't clear to me. Once you leave the area of rift activity, how would the rift scoop you up and return you to Earth? Or is it one of those rubber-band snapping things, where the force holding you somewhere else suddenly lets you go?

Random thoughts:

  • Go Ianto! Finally he's not just a pretty face or a quip-meister. He actually stood up to Jack (sort of) for once.
  • Yes, it's sort of another Angel/Buffy ripoff, this time the storyline about Connor being scooped up to the evil nasty dimension. But it was well done enough that I didn't mind.
  • Why exactly does Jack's secret rift-victim facility have to be quite so nasty? And why can't the other Torchwoodies know? Tosh and Owen can keep a secret, even if Gwen can't. Or maybe Gwen's the only one who didn't know.
  • The thing of Andy having a thing for Gwen came out of nowhere. And it should go back there.
  • Rhys continues to impress me, after having been a bit annoying at first. His speech to Gwen in the park could have been cheesy or cracktastic, but instead it was actually passionate and lovely. And if he ever quits running his trucking company, he could totally be a relationship counselor. I see him being the next Dr. Phil.

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Um' sorry Charlie but the Doctor didn't open the rift in "The unquiet dead." It was already there when he and Rose arrived. []

Maybe a better title would be "It's all rose's fault" since Jack has been a lot less fun ever since he became immortal. Your review has really make me look forward to this episode. hopefully the up tick in quality will continue until the end of the season.