Torchwood season four's writers: a television dream team!

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The writers of the next season of Doctor Who's more grown-up spinoff, Torchwood, have been announced... and they're some of our favorite televisual geniuses, including former Buffy, House and Supernatural writers.


According to Maureen Ryan over at the Chicago Tribune, the writers of Torchwood season four, besides creator Russell T. Davies, will be:

John Shiban ("Breaking Bad," "Supernatural," "The X-Files"), Doris Egan ("House," "Tru Calling," "Dark Angel'), Jane Espenson ("Game of Thrones," "Battlestar Galactica," "Buffy") and John Fay (a U.K. "Torchwood" writer).


And this ten-episode series will contain the same kind of serialized epic that Torchwood did so well last year, with "Children Of Earth." With a globe-spanning storyline that will film so much in Los Angeles, it probably makes sense to have more American scribes on board.

Egan tweeted a while ago:

I've spent the past month plotting world domination with evil mastermind Russell Davies and Julie Gardner, international woman of mystery.

Consider our world dominated!

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