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Torchwood Season 2 Neutered For Kids

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Torchwood, the BBC's raunchy Doctor Who spin-off, may be less taboo for season two - depending when you watch it. Every episode of season two will have a grown-up version and an edited version for kids, which will air a few days later in an earlier time slot. At first, you might not think that'll affect you, since you can just watch the unedited version. But you'd be wrong.


This move is bad news for Torchwood for two reasons. First, any raunchy material in the new episodes will have to be extraneous to the plot, or else the kid-friendly versions will be like Bjork videos. So we'll have innocuous eps, with a little pointless sauciness sprinkled in. Contrast with season one, where the plots were all about aliens who screw people to death, and doomed trans-temporal affairs.

Secondly, if the kid-friendly episodes do well, then eventually it'll make more economic sense to make only the child-safe iterations. It wouldn't matter so much, except that the crazy sexiness is the only thing that makes Torchwood worth watching. Without the randy behavior, Torchwood is just a third-rate Doctor Who.


The BBC also revealed details of James (Smallville, Buffy) Marsters' role in Torchwood season two. Marsters plays a character named Captain John who has "history" with Captain Jack. When Captain John comes through the time rift looking for the other Captain, the entire world is placed in danger by their homoerotic chemistry.

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Kevin Pratt

I certainly see the dilemma there. One advantage though are the more open views about exposing children to sexuality in the UK as opposed to the US. We could see Jack's gay kiss in the kid friendly version and Jack's bare ass in the adult one.