You've got to say this for awkward adult Doctor Who spinoff, Torchwood - even when its detractors try to tear it down, they end up making it sound like one of the greatest television shows ever made. Actually, they make it sound like the greatest ten television shows ever made, sewn together Frankenstein-style.

Quoth the haters at Jesus Drives an SUV:

Torchwood's single redeeming feature . . . is that it's efficient television for the sexually frustrated sci fi addict. It's basically the investigating team from Angel, in the universe of Doctor Who , operating off of stolen alien technology like some renegade Welsh Stargate team, solving cases lifted from shows like The X-Files if not from Doctor Who itself, with the juvenile hyperssexuality of Lexx (though without the benefit of cruising around in a planet-destroying phallus, I'm sorry to say), all mixed together with the gender-bending intricacies of The L Word (admittedly, not sci fi, but at least there are lots of exposed breasts, which must count for something). Most of the episode plots are also recycled from other shows, and most of the characters are flat, predictable clichés, which means that instead of catching up on a dozen different shows, you can just watch Torchwood and giggle at the writing team's crude efforts at innuendo. It's ten shows for the cost of one!


And this is supposed to be a bad thing?

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