Is Closing its Doors to Unsolicited Fiction Submissions

Illustration for article titled Is Closing its Doors to Unsolicited Fiction Submissions has been a terrific market for short fiction since it launched in 2008, and it’s been open to over-the-transom stories from new writers that whole time. But starting Jan. 7, that’s going to change.

Advertisement announced today that they’re closing their doors to unsolicited submissions of fiction. This is too bad, since new and undiscovered writers need as many outlets as they can get (and I myself got published in by submitting into their slushpile, back in 2010. Full disclosure: they’re also publishing my novel.) But it’s perhaps not surprising—now that original editors Patrick Nielsen-Hayden and Liz Gorinsky have been joined by Ellen Datlow, Ann VanderMeer, and Carl Engle-Laird, there’s a lot more people soliciting fiction and getting stories through other channels.

The good news? If you still want to submit a story to, you have until Jan. 7 to get into their slush pile. All stories submitted before that date will be considered. []

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J. M. LaFleur

It’s a shame. That was a huge amount of the reason I went there, just to discover new, emerging talent. I’d love to see someone do the opposite of this: never soliciting for material, and by extension, never printing already published writers.

What outlets are left, in the scifi/fantasy world, for submitting unsolicited works?