Topless Alien Avatar Pictures Fake?

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There's a whole heap of controversy surrounding the recently leaked images of topless alien beings. On Friday, we brought you a whole heap of hottie warrior aliens that were assumed to be from James Cameron's scifi movie Avatar. Today, io9 received an email from the artist of the extra hot, extra naked, extraterrestrials, claiming that these renderings were merely his personal artwork and had nothing to do with the actual concept art from Avatar - even though he was an illustrator for the costume department for the movie. Full email and debate below.We don't necessarily agree that these are fakes, because the images were pulled from the Plan.Siete interview with Bacallado, which does imply that these images were created for Avatar (at least that's what the commenters told us as my Spanish is about as good as it was in high school). As of now Bacallado is asking Plan.Siete to take down the interview, which is very curious. Why would they need to take down the interview with an artist if they were just showing his personal work? Here's the email we received:

I'm Jonay Bacallado, the author of the images. They are part of my artwork, my personal artwork, and it has nothing to do with the actual concept art of the film. The interview will be removed from as well, I've spoken aboput his incident with responsibles of the program, becuase information it's not accurate, and things can be misunderstood. Please, I have to ask you to remove this information, because the images shown are part of my own portfolio, no one has asked for authorisation, and of course,and most importantly, those designs have nothing to do with the real concepts and designs. I spoke during the interview about my experience, images were taken from my website, and they asume they are real concept art, but is not. Just to emphasise what I'm trying to explain mention that the design of characters have been done by another team, and we only get invlolved in costume, and as I said before, Avatar is far from this personal creation of mine included in my portfolio. This would get me into trouble, and without a reason, because this is NOT AVATAR CONCEPT ART. So please, people who follows Avatar news deserve to know that this concepts are FAKES, they are my creation, but have nothing to do with the work done in pre-production. Thank you, Jonay Bacallado.


So, can we then assume that these aren't the clothes that the warrior Na'vi tribe on the planet Pandora will be wearing? If they did hire an artist to dream up some scantily clad clothes for the blue beings to hop around in, wouldn't they give the artist some sort of idea to draft a body from? Just sayin'. But until we know we would like to say: Bacallado, you've got a lot of talent and we're game to see your blue alien beauties ride topless across any terrain.


... So, aren't you supposed to remove his artwork from those two previous posts now? The images are still up there, and he just sent you notice that he, the author, never authorised you publishing them, and is asking you to take them down. Isn't you keeping them up at this point kind of... wrong?